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Shasta Forest Village
Mutual Water Company

30894 Bambi Drive,

Shingletown, CA 96088
Phone: (530) 474-3458



Office Hours: 

Tues & Thurs, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Water Company Building_edited.jpg

The SFV MWC is its own entity, separate from the SFV POA.


"To deliver a safe, affordable and continuous/reliable supply of water to our community." 


Upon the establishment and development of the Shasta Forest Village, securing a trusted water source was the first priority.  


Three wells were drilled to supply the Village and are located on Bambi and Dogwood Drive, with depths ranging from 158 to 285 feet.  The Watermaster performs annual testing, as well as monthly e-coli tests, ensuring water quality.

There are 39 Fire Hydrants and 2 storage tanks with non-potable water (to fill water-tenders) for fire protection in the Village.


Water is an economic resource.  It costs money to obtain and to deliver to your home.  We currently pump over 30 million gallons a year to our customers.

Consumer Confidence Reports:

Billing Policy & Procedure:

Letter from the SFV MWC President...

→The SFV Telephone Notification System was created to notify our community in the event of an emergency.  This system is activated by the Office Manager, alerting and informing the current board members, watermaster, local emergency personnel, and shareholders.  To be included in this notification, be sure your phone number is on file with the SFV Water Company.

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